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Perfect Symmetry Album Campaign


Keane, the English rock band from Battle in East Sussex, achieved mainstream, international success in 2004 with their debut album, Hopes and Fears.

Their no 1, platinum-selling, third studio album, Perfect Symmetry, is a departure from their established piano-pop sound. with most of the songs influenced by 1980’s synthpop. The band employs guitars for the first time since their early days and relies more on synthesizers than in Under the Iron Sea, their second album They also get adventurous with musical saws, saxophones and string arrangements.

What we did

We collaborated with Korean artist Gwon Osang on a photoshoot in Seoul for the album and singles campaign. Gwon uses hundreds of photographic images to build up the surfaces of his larger than life-sized sculptures and created beautifully crafted figures of each of the band members which were both realistic and surreal. These were only revealed once you opened the album cover which featured 80s style graphics that complemented Perfect Symmetry’s musical influences.

Our Work.

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Our Work.